What we do:

Boundless Education’s mission is to provide to African students and schools superlative online educational opportunities and solutions, through offering the highest quality accredited curriculum on the market.

Blended Learning

Offering blended learning opportunities will enhance your schools program by providing:

Individually Paced


Individualized Pace

Great for ESOL students and below and above average students

Career and Technical


Career and Technical Courses

offer students the opportunity to explore interests and learn marketable skills.

100+ Accredited


100+ Choices

Coursework comes in high interest and varied topics

Year Around


Enroll Anytime

Students start courses at their convenience.

Our Partners

Calvert LogoCalvert Academy:
Boundless Education is the authorized reseller for Calvert Education in Africa – offering an accredited high quality online curriculum. Over 150 courses of high interest, a US high school diploma and a Calvert Academy Pathways program with guaranteed acceptance into participating US universities.

Review U.S. Universities and their rankings which Participate in the Calvert Academy Pathways program.

University credits in HS:
Boundless will soon have several agreements in place for international students to earn US university credits
Other offers:
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Boundless Education represents engaging accredited world class education solutions

and has an experienced team of experts to support your 21st century education initiatives.

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Our Impact

American Schools AngolaA true proof of commitment, leadership to get the job done and the vast expertise of Boundless Education is demonstrated by the start up school in Angola - The American Schools of Angola.

Boundless Education has been working with the founders and owner/ investors of American School s of Angola for the past two years. The project began with a feasibility study and business plan. Sites were visited and selected. Our consulting team began actual onsite work in January 2017 - and the launch began! Local licensing procedures were started and contractual relationships began. The school mission and vision were conceptualized and finalized and a logo was designed. After careful consideration of several curriculum providers ASA selected the accredited Calvert Academy Curriculum as the most flexible and best to meet the needs of the students at ASA. The two school facilities were renovated and classrooms and learning spaces were created. Teachers were interviewed and hired, school equipment selected and imported, policies developed, uniforms choices made...., and all details, big and small, were thought through and implemented. The first ASA site opened Sept.5, 2107. This first school can accommodate over 400 students and the second site 175 students. By all measures a big success.